58 years of educational experience, serving the community Chinandegana.

San Luis Beltran

The school, founded in 1962 by the order of Dominican preachers, from the 2008-2009 school year that will begin on November 4, will establish preschool teaching with the Montefori method, which encourages creativity, participation and learning in children.

To be a leading educational institution, regionally, in the integral formation of the person to be a transforming agent of their environment, according to the principles of Pedagogical Mediation and Dominican Identity .


To train learners and professionals with awareness of the value of truth in life, to develop their creative, critical and analytical capacity of the reality in which they live through a spiritual, humanistic, cultural and scientific-technical education.





And tell the truth (Bis)





I Verse


As Fray did Luis Beltrán

down the paths of darkness.

Fighting the pain

ignorance and fear.

Advertising with passion

the arrival of the Lord.


II Verse


We won't go back a step

in pursuit of a dream, of an ideal.

It's time to teach

it's time to learn

as did San Luis Beltrán

preaching the truth.





Save you
Hail to you Nicaragua! On your floor
the voice of the cannon no longer roars
(nor is it stained with the blood of brothers
your glorious bicolor banner) x2 
Let the peace shine beautifully in your sky,
nothing tarnish your immortal glory
that work is your worthy laurel
and honor (is your triumphant banner) x2

Collaborators of the San Luis Beltrán school

Administrative area

Fray. Massimo Antonio Pittalis

Position: Managing Director

Lic. José Israel chávez

Position: Administration

Téc. Rubenia diaz

Position: Administrative Assistant

Lic. Rosalba Salgado

Position: Cashier

Coordinador Y Secretaria primaria

Lic. José Ángel Norori

Cargo: Coordinador  de Primaria 

Ing. Ana Yoxi Mayorga

Position: Elementary Academic Secretary

Elementary advisory and Counseling


Lic. María Victoria Melendez

Position: Pedagogical Consulting

Elgia Renietd Álvarez Urbina


Lic. Elgia Renietd Álvarez Urbina

Cargo: Psicopedagogía de Primaria

Initial education

Prof. Marling Donaire Roque

Position: Level I Teacher

Lic. Jissel Briceño sánchez

Position: Level II Teacher

Prof. Claudia Delgado Pérez

Cargo: Docente de    III Nivel

Primary Education

Lic. Armando Antonio Padilla Laguna 

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher "A"

Prof. Glenda Lilieth Parrales

Position: First Grade Teacher «A»

Prof. Ingris Gissel Cajina

Cargo: Docente de Segundo Grado «B»

Lic. Eneyda Azuccena Hernández

Cargo: Docente de Primero «

Prof. Jennifer Lisseth Ponce

Position: Third Grade Teacher «A»

Lic. María José Maldonado Méndez  

Position: Fourth Grade Teacher "A"

Lic. Izara Ilen   Garcia Casco

Position: Second Grade Teacher «A»

Lic. Terecita del Socorro Landero López 

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher "B"

Lic. María José Maldonado

Cargo: Docente de Cuarto  «A»

Lic. Yanette Esmeralda Benavides Lagos

Cargo: Docente de Tercero «B»

Ing. David Alexander Guevara García

Cargo: Docente de primaria 


Lic. Marvin Antonio Rios Perez 

Cargo: Docente de Cuarto «B»

Lic. Dadezka jazziel Guido Cantillano 

Cargo: Docente de Sexto «A»

Lic. Nubia Raquel Martínez Reyes 

Cargo Docente de Sexto «B»

Secondary Education

Lic. Yuri Humberto González

Position: Academic Deputy Director

Lic. Yessica del Carmen Quiroz

Position: Secondary Academic Secretary

Br. Alberto Josue Ruiz

Position: Technical Career Assistant

Tec. Luis José Padilla meza 

Cargo: Asistente de Secretaria Académica de Secundaria

Secondary advisory and Counseling

Lic. Yessenia del Carmen Quintero Moran 

Position: School Counseling

Lic. Cristina Milagros Diaz Ruiz

Position: School Counseling 

Lic. Ivis Espinoza 

Cargo: Psicopedagogía de Secundaria  

Secondary Teachers

Lic. Anielka Johana Reyes

Position: Secondary Teacher     

Guía: Octavo A

Lic. Joselin Junieth Salazar Machado 

Position: Secondary Teacher     

Guía: Séptimo A 

Lic. Angela Isabel Herrera

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guía: decimo  D 

Lic. Maricela Guadalupe Rivera

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guide: Eighth A Subject: Language and Literature

Lic. María de Jesús Morales

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guía: decimo B 

Lic. Carla Vanessa Morales Moran

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guía: noveno D 

Lic. Ruth Nohemy Ramírez Reyes 

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guia: Undecimo C

Lic. Freddy Alberto Pérez 

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guide: Ninth B Subject: Social Sciences 

Arq. Darling Junieth Zeledón Acevedo

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guide: Pastoral Subject: Education in the Faith

Ing. Carlos Martín Olivares Galeano

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guía: Décimo A

Lic. Claudia Patricia Delgado Idiáquez

Position: Secondary Teacher     

Guía: undécimo B 

Lic. Lester Agustín Leyton Lanuza

Position: Secondary Teacher     

Guía: Octavo C

Ing. Bayardo Antonio Rivas Rivera

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guía: Séptimo B

Lic. Carla Maritza Baca Blandón

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guía: Octavo B

Lic. Sofía Yamilee Guerrero Ponce

Position: Secondary Teacher


noveno C

Lic. Ana Silvia Campos López

Position: Secondary Teacher

 Subject: Biology

Ing. David Alexander Guevara García

Position: Secondary Teacher


Undecimo A

Lic. Ana Leydi Rodrigues Aguilar 

Position: Secondary Teacher 

Guía: Séptimo C

Lic. Aryana de los Angeles Garay Martinez

Position: Secondary Teacher 

Guia: Septimo D

Lic. Marcos Alberto Cáceres Ortiz 

Position: Secondary Teacher

Guia: Noveno A

Lic. Norvin Josue Bustamante

cargo: Docente de Secundaria 

Guia: Septimo D