High school

Secondary Academic Offers

  1. baccalaureate, Cashier and Microcomputer Operator (7th to 9th grade).
  2. Cash and Accounting Technician (10th to 11th grade).
  3. Computer and Graphic Design Technician (10th to 11th grade).
  4. Technician in Food Industry.10th to 11th grade).
  5. Technician in English with a Tourist profile (10th to 11th grade), in collaboration and endorsed by: UNAN-LEÓN Language Center and Antonio Valdivieso International University (UNIAV).

All our students have at their disposal

  1. Application of the PEDAGOGICAL MEDIATION MODEL.
  2. Teaching staff: trained, with vast experience, knowledge and application of ICTs, human attention and pedagogical tact, involved in serving the Chinandegan community.
  3. ICT classrooms and updated computer laboratory
  4. Computer and Networks Repair and Maintenance Workshop.
  5. Modern laboratory of Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
  6. Equipped and updated library (with internet access).
  7. Pools and Swimming classes (7th and 8th grade free).
  8. Modern and folk dance, music clubs, drawing and conversational English. With vocational screening (free).
  9. School Counseling Department (orientation to students and parents), Psychopedagogical and psychological attention and Nursing Station.

Technical careers

Accounting Technician

The Accounting Technician is a professional trained to carry out and support the administration of accounting and tax processes of companies and organizations.
The graduate of the Accounting Technician will be able to:
 ü Prepare and Interpret the Financial Statements
ü Inventory control
ü Know and operate accounting software
ü Prepare tax return information
ü Keep track of specific costs
ü Cash Management

English Technician with Tourist Profile

This is a career that allows the graduate to develop in different areas of services related to the tourism sector, especially in those where communication in English is necessary, applying the rules and quality standards required in customer service, as well as standards of administration of national and international tourist services


 ü English language proficiency at an Intermediate level

ü Management of regulations and techniques of tourism administration and management.

ü Extensive knowledge of the national and international tourism sector.

ü Design and offer of tourist packages

ü  Knowledge and mastery of marketing techniques .

Agroindustry Technician

Agribusiness technicians have basic and specific skills in food processing, quality control and laboratory analysis of raw materials and finished products. They are able to innovate and develop new products in their area of expertise. ,    

 With all their skills and knowledge they can work in the industrial sector of private companies or they can create their own job.


 ü Add value to raw material by transforming it into quality products.

ü  Designs and elaborates new products for human consumption, using sustainable technologies.

ü Analyze and solve problems within process lines, food distribution chains

ü Performs physical-chemical and microbiological analyzes to determine the comprehensive quality of products and raw materials.

Computer Technician

The computer technician is oriented to solve problems related to information and communication technologies.

 This solid basic preparation allows you to develop the skills required for excellent performance in various programs, graphic design techniques and WEB pages and hardware support.   


ü Installation and support of software systems

ü  Execution of maintenance plans

ü Analysis, design and development of database systems  

ü Creation, Implementation and maintenance of LAN networks

ü Graphic Design Creation of WEB Pages